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Sorry, no discounts but we can do something special wine industry insiders.

Sorry, there are no discounts for senior citizens.

Sorry there are no discounts for students.

Yes, absolutely. The rate is what is quoted as DOLLAR MEP on the day of the tour.

Is the international turist rate

We always charge in Argentinian Pesos, but you need to check with your bank if they are taking the dollar MEP exchange rate or not

Print the voucher attached to our tour confirmation email and present it to the
city tour office on Plaza Indepèndencia, in front of the Hyatt hotel.

On the hour, every hour from Thursday to Sunday. From January to March the
tour runs every day.

No, tips are not included.

The guide and driver should share the tip 70/30 % respectively unless you
prefer it otherwise. A normal tip is $5 US per person per day.

We as a company leave a small tip for the lunch waiter but you are welcome to
add a little extra if you are happy with the service. $5 US per person is fine.

Yes, there is a discount of $30 US for non-wine drinkers.

On our group tours we are on a very tight schedule and have no time for
detours, especially in the morning. On our private tours we can but please be
aware that the wineries are very strict with the timing of appointments.

Four is the maximum you can do in one day in Lujan de Cuyo. Three is the
most practical in Uco Valley.

Yes, experience is not necessary. The horses are docile and full riding
instruction is given.

You can cancel without charge up to 24 hours before the tour pick-up time on
our small group tours. A late cancelation incurs a $50 US charge per person. A
no-show incurs a full charge. For other private tours please consult.

Less than 48 hours incurs a charge of $80 US on the Pyramid tour, $150 US on
the Malbec Renaissance and $200 US on Adrianna Vineyard.
No show means a 100% charge by the winery.

Each lodge has their own cancelation policy. In general a penalty-free
cancelation must be made more than 15 days before the arrival day. There is a
50% charge otherwise and a full charge for cancelations within 7 days. Please

All Viator bookings must be cancelled through Viator.

In low season we can be flexible. In high season I’m afraid we have to charge
something as we lose a seat.

Yes, with planning we can go to wineries that have activities for children.

Yes, Mendoza has some excellent sparkling wine facilities and we can include
this with pre-planning.

Yes, in Maipu. Please consult.

We can fish all year round but the best months are October to April.

Excellent but very different from Patagonia. Here we fish on fast moving
mountain streams. Fish are wild and plentiful and there is little pressure as we
go to private estancias. Fish size normally one kilo, 12 inches.

Yes, absolutely. Fly fishing in Mendoza is short casting and perfect for

Only on the Andes tour.

The quality is the same. We always go to the best wineries and try the best
wines, whether private or group. The difference is on private tours we can
customize to your requirements – particular wineries, wines, later pick-ups etc.

Generally speaking no as most lodges are far away and very isolated. We can
do so on private tours.

Not exactly. We work with a pool of 25 wineries we know and trust do good
tours. We rotate between these wineries and what we visit depends on the day
you choose to tour. With time we can include a winery you wish to visit as long
as its standard meets ours requirements – excellent wines, beautiful location
and warm, welcoming guide.

We try as much as possible to stick the itinerary we initially send to you.
However sometimes wineries cancel for different reasons. When this happens
we replace the winery with another of similar quality and we let you know of
the changes by email.

Yes absolutely. All we need is the name of the person and their email.

We try and see different features at each winery and avoid repetition. At least
one winery includes a vineyard walk with instruction about the vines. We then
learn about the process inside the winery from fermentation to oak barrel
ageing. We conclude the visit with a sit down tasting of the winery’s best

The winery lunches are tasting menus of at least five courses paired with
corresponding wines. We always select the best option offered by each
particular winery. The food is seasonal, high quality and creative designed by
local chefs working with local products. The lunch is the highlight of the tour.

Let us know as soon as possible and we will try ourtbest to retrieve what is
missing. You can then pick it up in our office during opening hours.

Yes, absolutely. With prior notice we can organize a champagne toast and
small cake.

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know with plenty of time.

Yes, if you arrive early enough (by 8am). We can arrange a car picks you up at
the airport and takes you to the first winery where you join the group.
However be aware that there is no refund if you miss the tour because of flight
delay or cancelation. Also it does not work if you are coming by long distance
bus, especially over the mountains from Chile. You will be delayed, especially
in winter.

Yes, you can do non-drinking wine tour, which has a discount of $30 US.

No everywhere is closed on this date.

I’m afraid we do not operate on the 1 st of January. All wineries are closed and
the vast majority of guides and drivers are enjoying a holiday.

All wineries are closed on the 1 st of May and we do not operate.

You cannot send wine by ordinary post/mail. It must be by courier services
such as DHL and TNT. However this is very expensive – minimum $250 US for a
box of six. The most practical way is to take the wine yourself in special wine
carrying boxes. You can check these boxes in as luggage. Be sure to shrink
wrap the boxes in the airport. We have these boxes available in our office and
they come in sizes of 4, 6 and 12 bottles.

Yes, we sell boxes of 4, 6 and 12 boxes.

It depends where you are going and what airline you are traveling with.
Domestic flights allow 6 bottles as hand luggage. Consult with your airline.

It can get very cold. From the minus 10 to 10.

Yes if the tour is private and you give us sufficient notice. Our group tours are
pre-set however and we have other people to consider. We are flexible if the
winery requested is good quality, practical and we have not opened a tour yet
on that day. Pre-planning is essential.

Absolutely. Just give us plenty of notice to plan it.

Yes. Quiet lap animals are accepted.

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know with plenty of time.

Yes, with plenty of pre-planning we can arrange the rental of all equipment.

If it does not involve a lengthy detour we will pick you up. Otherwise we may
require you to come to our office before we set off. If you are staying in a gated
community we require you to come to the entrance gate to meet the guide.

Yes, with plenty of notice we can organize it.

Yes, if you give us prior notice we can arrange to bring extra jackets.

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